Organic Farming – Why don’t we engage in it !!!

Hi all,

It’s been more than a year since I blogged due to various unavoidable reasons. But I have decided not to miss blogging anymore!!!

Lets look on to one of the most interesting topic that we have heard often these days     ‘Organic Farming’. Lets see what is it , how it is done and why it creates such a hype among everyone.

What is Organic Farming : 

As  we all have heard ‘Agriculture’ is the backbone of our country, we need to spend some quality time on learning about its evolution and should be aware of its impact.

Organic Farming is method of producing food using natural resources such as compost, manure that are not man-made and which doesn’t pollute the environment. With this simple definition you would have got an idea about the quality about the foods grown in this method. Yes, you won’t see any side effects.

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How Organic Farming is executed :

Organic Farming includes many techniques for producing natural foods. Lets have a glimpse of those techniques below,

  • Crop Rotation
  • Biological Management
  • Green Leaf Manures
  • Vermicompost
  • Bio Fertilizers
  • Animal Husbandry
  •  Manures

On seeing these technique terms we can figure out clearly that the food produced in such methods won’t cause any harm to us as well as the Mother Earth.

What all the steps you need to take to start an organic farm ? Here I’m sharing the steps that I have observed over the web.

  • Create a plan : It includes selection of crops(according to its season), list of natural manures to be used, mainly plan your budget.
  •  Ensure that you don’t use any kind of chemical fertilizers for your field. For pest control, keep monitoring your field often and use natural manures to keep the pest away.
  • Make sure you execute the crop rotation technique to enhance soil sustainability.
  • Once you are successful , create awareness on the same among your neighbors
Image Source: Google Images

Need and Importance of Organic Farming :

  •   The first and foremost need for Organic Farming is we can grow and have healthy foods without chemicals or adulteration
  • Protecting our soil,air and water bodies from harmful chemicals, erosion and exhaustion
  • Organic foods are poison free
  • It provides you nutritious food
  • Builds healthy soil
  • Promotes Biodiversity
  • Promotes Agriculture – the backbone for the world’s existence

‘You are what you eat’

Lets create a toxic free food for current& future generations!!!


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